General Plan Steering Committee


January, 2021 (final date TBD) at 5:30 pm

Teleconference meeting

Agenda coming soon


The General Plan Update will provide a framework for decision making to establish goals and policies that will guide Palm Springs in realizing its future vision. The General Plan Update provides an exciting opportunity to continue shaping the future of Palm Springs. Through the Update process, the City, with input from the public and stakeholders, will consider many topics including, land use, circulation, housing, safety, and downtown design elements. This process will ensure that Palm Springs continues to advance as a modern city, planned by design.

This website will be updated regularly to provide information and progress throughout the duration of the project. Here you can find general information as well as detailed meeting summaries, draft documents, and links to helpful resources. Please sign up to receive updates directly to your email.


The City’s General Plan Update will take approximately 18 months to complete, including preparation of technical studies, drafting of documents, environmental review and community engagement. The timeline illustrates generally which tasks will be completed and the estimated timeframe, and also illustrates where the public will be consulted to provide feedback throughout the process. The process can generally be broken down into the following steps:

Step 1: Confirm Vision & Priorities
Step 2: Update Goals & Policies
Step 3: Prepare Administrative Update to the Elements
Step 4: Conduct Environmental Review
Step 5: General Plan Adoption

Click here for the detailed project timeline.

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Abraham Lincoln

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